La Grande Loge mondiale de Misraïm


A warm welcome greeting to all Masonic brothers and sister. To all who are interested in Freemasonry, some hints about the purpose of our association.

The Grande Loge de Mizraim (GLMM) was founded in France in 1784. Dormant since 1900, the club was founded in 2004 under the French law re-awakened. The GLMM is sovereign and has its own constitution. The GLMM maintains frequent friendship relations in many countries.

Today Freemasonry is an institution that at the beginning of the 18th Goes back centuries. Their aim is primarily a moral and intellectual development of its members and - by the Free Masons - the society. Self-development means the training of our own morals and ideals in terms of humanism. This can be achieved through a permanent job to yourself.

For this purpose we use the dating from the medieval guilds of masons symbols. Armed with these principles, the Masons try the life of man on earth to give a meaning. We call it the search for the truth.

This is not a theoretical exercise but an attempt by our own deeds I refine what ultimately amounts to a survey in which the supernatural.

One of the important criteria in connection with the processing consists of knowledge of values, they should help us to improve. It is therefore important to behave in accordance with its own ethics.

The concept of Freemasonry, the omnipotent architect of all worlds (ABAW), means that the Freemasons may be an atheist, but he is a man in search of spirituality and the supernatural. It is however up to each Mason to practice a religion or to choose his personal creed. The Masonic meditate and try to act alone and with his brothers and sisters of Masons in order to radiate good tolerance, justice, equality, love of humanity and humanism.

A Freemason can belong to any nation or any culture, so the credo of the universality of Freemasonry. In the past there have been times in which individual liberty has been restricted. Freemasonry is therefore gly opposed to all dogmas, be they political, religious or in any other form. In order to approach the Freemasons, it is sufficient a simple request to the Secretariat (GLMM - 9, rue des Canettes - F-75006 Paris) to send. Prior to any entry, the application will be passed on to the boxes. These reserves the right to accept or reject the candidate, as it is practiced in the usual way other clubs too.

Again, you are welcome !