Table du « Jour »



Proposed a specific day at noon and renewed every week or every month, it is organized in connection with a Master of Banquets and chaired by a local (restaurant or otherwise) profane.



Contact us Table of "Day" is an open table.

Its vocations to answer questions that may arise laymen invited by members and non-Masons of the Grand Lodge of Misraïm world, and yet awaken Apprentices and Fellow at the Masonic Truth.

It also happens sometimes she receives a Freemason speaker or profane, together or separately.

It is not always fixed in one place, so the price of the meal is set at the discretion of the President and opposite the place.


President of the "Day" Table is elected each year in June by the members present who regularly frequent - and can of course in the case of unanimity be reappointed.