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The World Grand Lodge of Misraim is in mourning


Pierre-Philippe BAUDELOur Very Dear Sisters, Our Very Dear Brothers.

This January 29, 2024, our Very Illustrious Brother Pierre Philippe BAUDEL, Serene Grand Master of the World Grand Lodge of Misraïm joined the Eternal Orient.

It was in 2004 that with Force and Vigor he reawakened the Rite of Misraïm, restoring its letters of Nobility.
By joining the Field of Reeds, he bequeathed to Freemasonry his teaching, his texts such as the sum of the Verbum Diminum, his Name and his Hope in a united and flourishing Egyptian Freemasonry.

Pierre Philippe was first and foremost a Brother loved by all for his philosophy of life and his benevolence, his thirst for Truth and Justice. Qualities that he knew how to transmit to any Sister or Brother he came into contact with.

On the other side of the Veil, it now shines among these stars which each night guide us through earthly life in order to perfect ourselves more each day.

All united today in a planetary Chain of Union, the members of the Grand Lodge of Misraïm, the Sisters and Brothers of all Obediences, free people and people of good morals pay him this last tribute.

Our Most Illustrious Brother and Friend, Let the flesh leave your bones, your Soul join that of your illustrious predecessors and your Spirit continue to penetrate us so that all, invigorated by the invigorating fire of True Masonry, may remain Worthy of your Heritage.

We said.

The Most Serene National Grand Master, Julien Rossi



February 8, 2016

* Do nothing corresponding to historical reality, Order of Mizraim cautions that if the lodge was indeed installed in 1816 in the Obedience Misraïm it has also been welcomed into the Grand Lodge of France in 1822.
Still learning, to complement the Lodge "Mount Sinai, 1816" has been relocated within the GLMM in October 2011.
January 19, 2016
* Do correspondent nothing there either to the historical reality,
Order of Misraïm is also not associated with his masquerade.



November 19, 2015

SGMG Pierre-Philippe Baudel and Brothers and Sisters of France
"The brothers and sisters of the Dominican Republic much regret the tragic events in Paris this weekend. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families. We express our solidarity in these times of anguish with the French people. We ask the Grand architect of the Universe peace descend to planet earth and made of this kind are not repeated. "
The Federation of the Dominican Republic



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