Grange Loge Mondiale de Misraïm GLMM Ordre philosophique et humaniste souverain

Expression of the Grand Master General

Dear friends,


These few friendly lines to open a Relationship...

The Freemasonry defines itself as a varied or plural society and, if it is not underestimated by all that the Order of Misraïm, reactivated within the Worldwide Great Lodge of Misraïm, was able to be established in France in 1784. The Rite was  a little forgotten at the beginning of the XXth century.


Nevertheless, in the origins of the French Freemasonry only four Obediences worked together, and met every month to work in the installation of the Freemasonry in France. It was:


    » le Suprême Conseil (Scottish Rite Ancient and Accepted)

    » le Grand Orient de France

    » la Grande Loge de Misraïm

    » la Grande Loge Symbolique Écossaise


The Freemasonry was  wanted universal, and this universality was not based on the identity and the uniformity of the languages, the cultures, the races, the faiths and the rites, but on the diversity and the differences.

And, by ideal, the Order in its integer, or in all its Obediences, admitted it . Then it was recognized  that variety was, paradoxically, an essential factor  of the union of the Masons.


That is why we think that, if the Freemasonry still has to be one of the chances of the futur, the essential rule of all the leaders of the Order has to be to make always triumph, as far as possible, this spirit of concord and harmony, this spirit of friendship and brotherhood without whom there is no possible masonic and human life between the Masons.


The work is long, difficult, and was so often in danger tese last years, but we would not  give up because it is the realization of  this ideal which justifies the masonic action, makes the Mason, and find the man on the ways of the work, the friendship and the communion.


While it has been signed in recent years some fundamental Treaties of Mutual Recognition between the Grande Loge de Mizraim World and other major Masonic organizations, both in France and in the world.


Long life to the Order!

Long life to the Misraïm Worldwide Great Lodge!


Pierre-Philippe BAUDEL
Sovereign Grand Conservator General